Sidra Healthcare


Introducing a tailored iteration of the Patient Care App, meticulously crafted to empower Sidra Healthcare in elevating “Patient Experiences” to unprecedented levels. This innovative solution is strategically designed to surpass burgeoning patient expectations and fulfill their evolving needs by seamlessly integrating advanced healthcare engagements with cutting-edge technology. Serving as a proficient and proficient communication conduit, it stands as a beacon of efficient patient-physician interaction.

Welcome to Sidra Healthcare, an innovative and user-friendly healthcare application designed to provide you with seamless access to a wide range of medical services and resources right at your fingertips. Whether you’re looking to schedule lab investigations, consult with specialized doctors, or manage your health journey, our app has you covered. Here’s a detailed look at the features that make Sidra Healthcare the ultimate healthcare solution:

Secure Login and SignUp:

Experience a hassle-free login process with your valid username and password. Our state-of-the-art security measures ensure that only authorized users can access their accounts. Incorrect login credentials are not accepted, ensuring your information remains private.

User Registration:

New users can easily sign up using a straightforward registration process. Provide your necessary information, and you’ll be ready to explore all the app has to offer.

Account Deletion:

We believe in giving you complete control over your data. If you decide to no longer use our services, the account deletion feature allows you to securely remove your account and associated data.

Lab Investigation Booking:

Say goodbye to long wait times and inconvenient appointments. With Sidra Healthcare, you can effortlessly schedule lab investigations from the comfort of your home. Our home sampling service ensures a seamless and comfortable experience.

Test Selection:

Customize your health journey by selecting the specific lab tests you need through our intuitive app interface. Tailor your tests to match your individual health requirements.

Specialized Doctor Listings:

Access a comprehensive list of specialized doctors across various medical fields. Whether you’re seeking a cardiologist, dermatologist, or pediatrician, our app provides a diverse range of medical experts to choose from.

Doctor Profiles:

Learn more about the doctors you’re interested in. Each doctor’s profile includes detailed information about their qualifications, specialties, experience, and patient reviews, helping you make informed decisions about your healthcare.

Seamless Signout:

When you’re done using the app, signing out is quick and easy. Your account will remain secure, and you can trust that your personal information will always be safeguarded.


Sidra Healthcare App is already available on Play Store, app for Apple devices are coming soon.


This act as a reminder for patient’s all incoming appointments of Doctor Consultation, Diagnostics and Investigations along with history of appointments


Provides personal information and emergency contact, address etc


Provides facility to manage the personal account to manage the health services immediately.


Sidra Healthcare App is connected with our web portal, Diagnostic centres, Laboratories, Electronic Medical Record and wast range of specialists, you can get consulted in shortest possible time without hassle within comfort of your home