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iHealthCure-Practice Management System in Dubai (iHC-PMS) is a comprehensive solution designed to help doctors manage their clinical practice efficiently. It includes features such as online appointment booking, online payment processing, telemedicine, and online consultation to provide a seamless experience to both doctors and patients. The system also maintains electronic health records (EHR) of patients, including clinical and non-clinical information, which can be accessed securely from anywhere. The e-prescription feature allows doctors to prescribe medications using international classification of diseases (ICD-10) and current procedural terminology (CPT) codes, and the SOAP notes and computerized physician order entry (CPOE) make it easy to document patient visits and orders. With the help of mobile technology, doctors can access the system from anywhere, making it easier to manage their practice remotely.

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Problem with Solution

With iHC-PMS, all patient clinical information is stored electronically, making it easier to access and share among healthcare providers. This not only saves time and effort but also improves the quality of patient care by providing accurate and up-to-date information to healthcare providers. Additionally, with features such as e-prescriptions, CPOE, and SOAP notes, iHC-PMS streamlines clinical processes and helps doctors provide better patient care.
iHC-PMS is a complete solution that can help doctors streamline their clinical practice and provide better care to their patients


With iHC-PMS, healthcare practitioners can maintain all patient information electronically, including medical history, lab results, diagnostic test reports, and other relevant information, ensuring that the data is always available, reliable, and secure. This helps to eliminate the inefficiencies and loss of information associated with paper-based medical files, and enables healthcare practitioners to provide more accurate and timely care to their patients.

Practice management system

Why iHC-Practice Management System

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Clinical Practice from Mobile anywhere, anytime

With Clinical Practice, iHealthCure Mobile App is a game changer in the tele-medicine space., an innovation where a patient can access their Health Record anywhere, anytime. With iHealthCure mobile app, a platform is designed which provides doctors ease to manage their busy schedules and long patient waiting queues by offering online consultations, appointment booking, and report delivery for diagnostics and lab investigations. The app records all the patient information in their Electronic Health Record (EHR) and also offers the fexibility to reschedule appointments and manage the doctor’s wallet.
IPatients can also benefit from the app by booking appointments, rescheduling or canceling existing ones, and viewing their upcoming appointments. The app also includes an eRX (electronic prescription) feature, enabling patients to view their previous visits for doctor consultation and electronic prescriptions.

The integrated IoT-based vital capturing devices give doctors an overview of the most recent vital information like glucose, blood pressure, oxygen saturation, heart rate, temperature, height, and weight, as well as their history,
recorded in the patient’s health records. Its outcome was driven by helping “Patient Experiences” through meeting their growing hopes and satisfying their demands by effective healthcare engagements with technology as an efficient and effective communication platform.

Patient Management

iHealthCure’s EHR system allows for the quick and easy registration of new patients, assigning them a Unique Medical Record Number (UMRN) for identification purposes. The system maintains up-to-date records of every visit, preventing duplication of information and ensuring the accuracy of the patient’s medical history. The system also includes an advanced  search function that allows healthcare practitioners to search for patients based on a wide range of criteria, making it easier to find and retrieve patient records.

Appointments & Queue Management

It includes appointment scheduling functionality for doctors and clinics. Patients can book appointments online and doctors/clinics can manage and reschedule appointments as needed. The appointment history is also securely stored in the system and easily accessible. This helps to streamline the appointment booking process and ensures that appointments

Electronic Health Record ( EHR)

iHC-PMS is a comprehensive electronic medical record system that goes beyond just digitizing a patient’s traditional paper records. It allows healthcare providers to access a patient’s complete medical history, including all past visits and clinical data, and update it with new information, resulting in a more comprehensive view of the patient’s health status. Having key features like;

  • Electronic Prescription (eRX)
  • Lab Investigations, Diagnostics & Imaging
  • SOAP Notes
  • Treatment Plans
  • Procedures Plans
  • Clinical Notes
  • Diagnosis incorporated with ICD-10
  • Vital Signs including Patient Health Summary
  • Medical and Family History
  • CPOE fully integrated with Laboratory Information Systems (LIS), Radiology Information Systems (RIS) and Pharmacy Information Systems (PIS)
  • Patient and doctor portal for better patient care

Electronic Prescription ( eRX)

With iHC-PMS, doctors can easily create electronic prescriptions based on SOAP notes and CPOE orders. The system includes
ICD-10 and CPT codes as well as patient history, and the prescription is fully incorporated into the patient’s EHR. Additionally, the system allows doctors to create customized templates for consultations and favorite groups for investigations and diagnostics, making the prescription process more efficient and streamlined.

Interactive Dashboard & Reports

iHC-PMS provides customizable reports and dashboards, which can be configured to highlight the most important Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for doctors. This allows for quick access to critical information that can help doctors make informed decisions about patient care.