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iHealthCure-Laboratory Information System (iHC-LIS) is design to receive, organize and respond of laboratory investigation services. iHC-LIS is HL7, LOINC, CPT, and HIPAA compliant, thus is fully capable of integration with any analyzer. Once a lab investigation is ordered, a flag on the screen is visible to alert the lab personnel to view, acknowledge, and prioritize the request after billing/ payment processes. Once the result is ready and verified by the pathologist an email & SMS is generated and send to patient verified report

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Problem with Solution

iHelathCure-Laboratory Information System (iHC-LIS) is crucial for any healthcare facility or standalone laboratory to efficiently manage laboratory information and provide better patient care. As laboratory information is a cornerstone of the Electronic Health Record (EHR), it plays a vital role in clinical decision-making and patient treatment. It is designed to provide a scalable system based on n-tier architecture that can be expanded easily as the facility grows. It ensures the security and integrity of the system and its data, providing an operational environment that meets the industry’s standards.

It also helps in the integration of laboratory test results with the patient’s electronic health record (EHR), making it easily accessible to clinicians and other healthcare providers. LIS plays a crucial role in supporting clinical decision making, as laboratory results are an important component of patient care.


The Laboratory Information System is a mission-critical component of their overall corporate Information Systems (IS) and is thus directly linked to performance. We iHC-LIS propose best practice guidelines for implementing the LIS to address the key challenges identified in any laboratory. We automate workflows, integrate instruments, and manage samples and associated information. This results in saving precious man-hours and improving the overall efficiency translating into more business opportunities and an enhanced research environment

Hospital management


To Book a Test
0 Sec
For Billing, Invoice and Payment Verification
0 Sec
For Sampling and Batching
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To train a new User
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Key Advantages

iHealthCure Mobile App for LIS Support

HealthCure Laboratory Information System (iHC-LIS) is complemented by the iHealthCure Mobile App, which allows patients to book lab tests, schedule home sampling, and pay for tests either online or at the lab. This provides patients with greater convenience and flexibility, and can help to increase patient engagement and satisfaction. The app also allows patients to view their test results, and to securely communicate with their healthcare providers regarding their lab results and any other health concerns they may have.

Booking / Order Management

iHC-LIS keeps track of the entire laboratory investigation process, from receiving the request to verifying payment, tracking the
status of samples and tests, and prioritizing requests. This helps in ensuring efficient and timely delivery of laboratory results to
the clinicians, which is critical for patient diagnosis and treatment

Sample Management

At phlebotomy, system supports barcode labeling. It prints and scan barcodes for sample ID and other information while utilizing the barcode for sample & batch handling. It includes scheduling, logging container labeling, distributing to the designated analysts and storing.

Analysis Management

iHC-LIS provides a scheduling module to plan and manage the analytical activities of the laboratory. The system allows users to
schedule analyses for different instruments and testing methods, assign technicians and track the progress of the analysis. This helps the laboratory to optimize the use of resources and ensure that testing is performed efficiently and according to plan. The system also allows for the tracking of quality control activities and the initiation of calibration and maintenance procedures.

Data Capturing, Result Entry & Verification Management

This function serves to receive, organize and enter the raw data from analyzers directly with 0% human error. Interfacing with lab analyzer is available as per HL7 protocol. For routine analyses, the system allows for validation process as per role configurable by authorized laboratory personnel. Result status used to trigger the comparison with corresponding ranges along with gender. The result marked as verified once passed through verification process.

Reports Management

The iHC-LIS allows for highly customizable reports and forms, which can be accessed from various devices including tablets and
smartphones through the iHealthCure Mobile App. This feature also enables patients to directly view and download their test reports and invoices without the need for external portals, enhancing the overall patient experience. Additionally, the system provides configurable workflows and calculations to at the needs of the laboratory and streamline processes.

Billing & Payment Receipt

iHC-LIS has a built-in medical billing process that allows for the generation of payment receipts for laboratory investigation services. The system is flexible and can be configured to bill patients before or after rendering the services based on the defined category of the patient. The system can handle different types of patients and their respective price lists. The management of bills, invoices, and payment receipts, as well as refund operations, can also be done through the system.

Management Dashboard

The iHC-LIS provides reporting capabilities that allow users to track the performance of the lab. Reports can be generated based on different parameters, such as the date range, department, sub-department, and other criteria. The system makes it easy to create custom reports or pull the necessary information as per the user’s requirement. This enables the lab personnel to identify any bottlenecks or areas of improvement, optimize workflows, and ensure high-quality services to patients.

LIS Process Flow

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