iHC-Clinic / iHC-Hospital

Transforming healthcare delivery with innovative solutions


Revolutionizing home healthcare with TeleConsultation, Remote Patient Monitoring.


Improving lab efficiency and accuracy with innovative solutions for managing laboratory tests and data.


Enhancing dental practice management and patient care with tailored solutions for dental clinics.



Providing convenient access to healthcare professionals through remote consultation services.

Remote Patient Monitoring

Ensuring continuous care and monitoring for patients through remote health monitoring solutions.

SuperApp for Personalized Health Services

Empowering individuals with personalized health management tools and services.

Occupational Health
& Safety

Appointment Automation

Simplifying appointment scheduling and management for occupational health and safety assessments.

Screening and Examination

Enhancing workplace health and safety with efficient screening and examination processes.

AI powered Diagnosis

Leveraging AI technology for accurate and timely diagnosis of health conditions in the workplace.

Population Health

Preventive Health Engagement

Encouraging proactive health management and wellness initiatives for population health.

Clinical Decision Support

Assisting healthcare providers with evidence-based guidelines and decision-making tools for improved patient care.

AI powered Risk Analytics

Identifying and mitigating health risks through advanced AI-powered risk analytics solutions.