iHC-Dental, your partner in enhancing dental practice management and patient care. Our comprehensive suite of software solutions is tailored to meet the unique needs of dental clinics, improving operational efficiency and enhancing the patient experience.


Appointment Scheduling:
Simplify appointment booking and optimize scheduling to maximize chair time and minimize wait times for patients.

Patient Records Management:
Digitize patient records, including dental charts, treatment plans, and medical histories, for easy access and efficient management.

Treatment Planning:
Create customized treatment plans for patients, incorporating dental procedures, timelines, and cost estimates for effective treatment coordination.

Billing and Invoicing:
Streamline billing processes, generate accurate invoices, and manage payments seamlessly to ensure financial transparency and efficiency.

Patient Communication:
Enhance patient communication through automated appointment reminders, treatment follow-ups, and educational materials to promote oral health.

Elevate your dental practice with iHC-Dental. Experience improved practice management, enhanced patient care, and increased efficiency in your dental clinic.