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iHealthCure-Hospital Informartion System in Dubai (iHC-HIS) is a software platform that helps healthcare institutions automate and streamline their operations. It includes features such as an Audit Trail facility, a unified patient view, and interoperability among departments, ensuring data accuracy, improving patient care continuity, and reducing administrative burdens. The system also provides real-time KPIs and visibility into overall institutional performance, allowing healthcare providers to make data-driven decisions to optimize their operations and improve patient care.

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Problem with Solution

iHC-HIS addresses the challenges faced by healthcare facilities that still rely on manual systems and paper-based processes.
These challenges include inaccurate patient information, duplication and loss of medical files, difficulty sharing medical history and lab results, errors in prescription and dosage, and a lack of data for research and policymaking. To solve these issues, iHC-HIS collects the best possible clinical and non-clinical information about the patient and keeps track of all medical files in the form of Electronic Health Record (EHR), ensuring accuracy and accessibility.

The system also includes a patient monitoring system to detect any suspicious circumstances. Usability and user-friendliness are also key features of iHC-HIS, making it practical and intuitive for users to interact with the system, increasing productivity and motivation


Accurate patient information is a major challenge faced by healthcare facilities today, along with the productivity issues
associated with manual procedures. iHC-HIS addresses these challenges by leveraging its usability, adaptability, availability,
reliability, confidentiality, and monitoring and audit controls to provide healthcare administrators with a secure and cost-efficient IT platform. The system is designed to support evidence-based policymaking and R&D, while ensuring sustainable and secure IT practices.

iHC-HIS is also user-friendly, making it easy to adopt and break down the cultural barriers of paper-based processes. The platform aims to achieve a 100% adoption rate, enhancing overall productivity and efficiency in healthcare facilities.

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Key Features

Patient Management

HIS manages patient demographics data efficiently, enables fast and simple registration of new patients with a Unique Medical
Record Number and maintaining up-to-date records of every visit. It actively prevents duplication of information in its Electronic Health Record (EHR) system. The system also allows for obtaining patient data from a nationwide citizen database,
advanced search of patients through a wide array of criteria, and handling VIP patients with restricted data access.

Appointments & Queue Management

iHC-HIS manages patient appointments for doctors and clinics, allowing patients to book appointments in advance, and doctors to configure and manage their availability. The appointment history is available on the system for efficient management

OPD Management

iHC-HIS allows patients to select an OPD doctor and specialty for their consultation and create an electronic prescription (eRX)
based on SOAP notes and clinical orders, including ICD-10 and CPT codes. The system also includes patient history and supports multilingual e-prescriptions. It is integrated with the patient’s EHR and manages referrals according to the healthcare facility’s workflow. The system also manages appointment scheduling, follow-ups, and referrals, as well as handling doctors and clinic unavailability.

IPD Management

iHealthCure automates patient admission and discharge processes, optimizes scheduling for procedures and surgeries, and enables staff to allocate vacant beds in real-time. It manages patient hospitalization, surgery, and day case visits, allows for room and bed selection, and maintains in-patient charts, medication administration and investigation sheets, clinical notes, as well as patient discharge and follow-up

Accident & Emergency Management

iHealthCure’s emergency management system allows for efficient patient triage and referral to the appropriate emergency services, including admission, discharge, and management. It also includes a mechanism for unidentified patients, enabling quick and accurate identification.

OT Management

iHealthCure facilitates scheduling of procedures by allowing staff to associate surgeons, anesthetists, technicians, nurses, and equipment with the procedure. It also allows the admission counter staff to allocate beds in the concerned ward and facilitates preparation and post-procedure activities before the patient is transferred to the concerned ward.

Finance & Accounting

iHC-HIS has an integrated accounting solution to handle bills and invoices for all patients, including the management of services price lists for different types and categories of patients, and the issuance of bills, invoices, and payment receipts. It also includes refund operations.